About us

My name is Weronika Gregorczyk and I have been committed to dentistry, prosthetics and orthodontics for 10 years. I have completed my master's degree in the field of Health and Safety Management. I am also a lecturer in the field of Dental Technician. In Hollywood Smile I make my patient's dreams about snow white smile come true.

The impulse to create Hollywood smile were my own experiences, because due to health of my teeth I couldn't allow myself for whitening. Yet, during one of my trips to the United States I found a safe alternative. I met there the manufacturer of innovative whitening gel which didn't have acid in its ingredients. At the beginning I was testing the gel on myself. When I realised how revolutionary and safe this method is, I decided to bring it to Warsaw. Today, I can invite You to Hollywood Smile.

The most important things in my work are health and comfort of my clients. It is an incredible happiness to see their snow white smile and knowing that the performed procedure gave them additional virtues – openness, joy of life and satisfaction with their appearance. Weronika Gregorczyk